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WorkForce West Virginia is a state government agency funded through the U.S. Department of Labor that oversees the state unemployment insurance program as well as a network of workforce development services designed to provide West Virginia’s citizens and employers the opportunity to compete in today’s competitive global economy.

WorkForce West Virginia is a one-stop center for work force resources, including job opportunities, unemployment compensation, training, tax incentives and labor market information. All of our services are available at 13 comprehensive career centers throughout the state. In addition, WorkForce West Virginia has the largest online database of job seekers and job openings in the state.

By making available the appropriate educational and training opportunities, West Virginia can provide its citizens with the work skills needed by businesses currently in the state or planning a West Virginia location.


West Virginia is divided into seven regions that administer programs funded by Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA) out of 18 local offices across the state. To find a local office near you, see our Locations Map.


100 Municipal Plaza, Ste 330
Weirton WV 26062
Ph: 304-794-2000
Fax: 304-794-2003

Office Location: 
100 Municipal Plaza, Suite 300
Weirton WV


Locating a business in West Virginia makes good business sense. It is the reason more than $20 billion worth of new business investments have been made in the state’s economy since 2005, and the West Virginia Development Office can aid and assist businesses looking to establish in the State of West Virginia.

The State office can help with Business Assistance, Entrepreneurs & Small Business development, International expansion into West Virginia, and more.  We have lots of success stories and helpful resources to help you determine if West Virginia is your new home.

 Download the West Virginia Development Assistance PDF and learn how we can help make West Virginia your new home for business.



The Governor’s Guaranteed Work Force Program (GGWFP) attracts new enterprises to West Virginia and encourages the growth and expansion of the state’s existing companies. The program provides training and technical assistance to support effective employee training strategies.

Program Overview:

The GGWFP is a catalyst for organizational development that enhances the overall performance of the state’s work force and provides solutions to complicated human resource issues. The program builds the capacity of participating companies to provide more effective internal training.

  • The award-winning GGWFP provides training awards for eligible new and expanding companies that create at least 10 new jobs within a 12-month period.
  • Overall funding levels are based on wages and benefits, location of facilities, number of employees and number of individuals needing training. Awards cannot exceed $2,000 per trainee.
  • Small businesses eligible for this program may receive up to 75 percent of actual training cost (maximum of $5,000) for preapproved technology, technical and regulatory compliance training.
  • With the assistance of the Incumbent Worker Training Program and the Competitive Improvement Program, training dollars are available for existing companies that may not be in a hiring mode

If you are an employer in the state or are considering locating your business within West Virginia, we look forward to helping you enhance your work force. Let us show you how you can be a part of our success.

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