Our actions and decisions directly affect local opportunities.
John Frankovitch
Weirton Medical Center
Chief Executive Officer

While originally thought of as a “steel town”, Weirton has seen a transformation more in line with the Pittsburgh region.  Not only the oil and gas industry but expanded academic and healthcare employment have really diversified the region.  Due to the unique geography and outstanding demographic characteristics of the Northern Panhandle, WMC has been able to expand our  footprint into Ohio and Pennsylvania and in the process, doubled our revenues and added over 400 new jobs with $40 million in new payroll.  This growth comes from the ability to effectively attract new patients in all three states and actually import medical care back to WV which is atypical for other community hospitals throughout the state and region.  Our location also allows us to recruit exceptional physicians and other professionals from the Pittsburgh market which is just 35 minutes away.

Morgan Lacefield
Dominos Pizza

Pat, Marvin and the BDC are get it done folks. When Domino’s was looking to move, we called a number on a sign at an empty firehouse. They immediately took an interest and made it work, not only for the BDC but for Domino’s as well. They kept the project moving at just the right pace. Whenever obstacles appeared they found a way around them. Easy and direct to work with. Great bunch of folks with a positive attitude at the ready to help make any project a success!

Dr. Stephen Greiner
West Liberty University
Former President

West Liberty University supports the BDC and its mission of reaching out to businesses around the globe to create real opportunities that translate into jobs and a better standard of living for the Northern Panhandle of the Mountain State. We congratulate them for building a future that will keep our region vibrant and offer our students a strong community presence for internships and outreach.

Dan Martin
Bidell Gas Compression
VP of Manufacturing

As you know, Bidell was on a quest for two years to find an industrial style manufacturing facility in the Utica and Marcellus gas play region. Bidell had looked at over 50 facilities across three States, OH, PA and WV.  We had spoken to numerous officials in all of the different regions.

We narrowed the search to approximately 6 potential buildings. When we applied a pros and cons matrix to the buildings, the old Consolidated Machine shop in Weirton West Virginia was ahead by leaps and bounds.

There were many hurtles to obtaining this building and this is where the BDC came in.  Arguably one of the toughest real estate purchases around, but the BDC carved its way through all of the hurdles to make it happen.

We found all of the State officials stepping up to assist us to close this deal, they were all very responsive to all of our inquiries. Everyone I am sure has heard the old real estate term, location, location, location. Well, Weirton and West Virginia has it all. Twenty minutes from the Pittsburgh Airport, abundant highly trained workforce and most importantly a State full of people who want to help you be successful.