Life in the Panhandle

Life in the Panhandle is relaxed, comfortable, and friendly.


Truly at “the top of West Virginia,” the city of Chester is sandwiched between the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Settled by potters, Chester offers quiet suburban life — a haven for commuters with easy access to two major metropolitan areas. Chester is small in size, big in history, and strong on community pride!

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In millions of homes across America, the small village of Newell is reflected in the pieces of colorful Fiestaware® manufactured at The Fiesta® Tableware Company. This riverside community is proud of its heritage in the pottery manufacturing process—from clay to kiln, to the final product. Newell’s 1,600 residents raise horses, farm, and enjoy fishing and boating on the Ohio River.

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New Cumberland:

With their motto “Good people make a good town,” New Cumberland stands as a pleasant, close-knit residential community of about 1,100 people. Its residents boast possession of one of West Virginia’s most beautiful state parks, Tomlinson Run, providing a wide range of recreational opportunities in a spectacular natural landscape buried deep in the West Virginia hills.

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Forged by steel, the city of Weirton combines the warmth, security, and camaraderie inherent in a small town with the cultural, educational, and economic benefits of a metropolitan area. Often described as a “melting pot,” Weirton’s ethnic diversity provides a cultural variety second to none. Consistently rated as one of the safest cities in the United States with a reasonable cost of living, Weirton borders both the Ohio River and the Pennsylvania border, offering a curious blend of major industry, tourist attractions, and recreational opportunities.

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Proud of their rail trail, the Panhandle Trail, winding through the lowest foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, the cozy community of Colliers is idyllic for families seeking a quiet, peaceful, and secluded way of life.

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The riverside community of Follansbee possesses that rock-solid “Hometown Feeling.” With the entrance of the town from the north cut right out of the Allegheny foothills, Follansbee welcomes you! Major industry borders the Ohio River in a town with stately homes and safe, desirable neighborhoods.

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Settled by members of the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition, Wellsburg possesses a historical charm and cultural appreciation embraced by both visitors and residents. This riverside community has attracted bus tours and stops by the Mississippi and Delta Queens, while the Brooke Hills Playhouse Players showcase local talent.

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The college town of Bethany embraces a diversity of thought and lifestyle, allowing both students and full-time residents to enjoy the opportunity to grow within a small community context. Situated in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, Bethany’s lush vistas attract visitors to view the spectacular Autumn colors.

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Beech Bottom:

The quiet villages of Beech Bottom and Winsdor Heights border the beautiful Ohio River and boast rich industries from farming to coal mining. Both were once “company towns” and remain close-knit communities, where friendships last lifetimes and some third- and fourth-generation laborers work for local manufacturers.

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