Wellsburg looks to their young people to revitalize the city

AUG 13, 2021

WELLSBURG W.Va (WTRF) Young people can be known as the leaders of tomorrow. The City of Wellsburg believe that the future lies in the hands of their youth and invited them to attend today meeting. 

At the Wellsburg City Hall, the Youth Visioning Session took place. The topic of discussion was the city’s parks and recreation. They want to know what the young people of this area want to see in these facilities.  

I think getting kids involved now so that as they grow older, they can continue to improve the town in a way maybe put a little incentive behind it and maybe make them want to see change in our area. 

I think that is the biggest thing just starting them put young so that as they grow up they can bring the people up with them that are behind them, and it can just kind of be a domino effect of improving the town.


They began to develop a plan to revitalize Wellsburg’s parks and activates and invite others to attend future meetings to voice their options and ideas.