City considers abandonment of rights of way in north end area

City considers abandonment of rights of way in north end area

WEIRTON — A group of alleys and one street in the north end soon could be abandoned as part of continuing economic development efforts in the city.

The city’s Planning Commission on Wednesday recommended a request from the Business Development Corp. of the Northern Panhandle for rights-of-way abandonments of two unopened alleyways along state Route 2, as well as the abandonment and closure of Avenue F.

“This is by the old machine shop where Bidell is located,” explained Weirton Planning and Development Director Mark A. Miller.

BDC Assistant Director Marvin Six noted the alleys and Avenue F are directly south of the Bidell building, and the company plans to use the land to store equipment during its manufacturing process.

Bidell Gas Compression manufactures gas compressor systems for the natural gas industry. The company began operation in Weirton in early October.

Miller said the abandonment plans had been requested by Bidell when the company decided to locate in Weirton.

“We have all the easements in place,” Miller said. “All departments have signed off.”

Six explained there are a few structures on the land in question, and the BDC is scheduled to begin having them demolished next week. He also noted an environmental assessment and cleanup of the site already have been completed.

The request was approved 5-0 for a recommendation to Weirton Council, which must give its approval for the roadways to be abandoned.