BDC thanks partners in economic growth

WEIRTON, W.Va. — The Northern Panhandle's Business Development Corporation hosted a dinner Tuesday night to say thank you to their many partners throughout the Ohio Valley.NEWS9 was represented as were county commissioners, state agencies, local business leaders and more.For the group who is dedicated to economic growth, the event was special for a variety of reasons.“It's not really about the BDC. It's about all the partners that have worked together with us and come up with a model to repurpose what has amounted right now to over five industrial sites that if it weren't for these partners we would still be looking at abandoned sites in Chester, Newell, New Cumberland, Wellsburg, Follansbee and Beech Bottom,” said Pat Ford, BDC executive director.The dinner was held at the new location of Theo Yianni’s, which has not yet opened to the public. It has just a few small finishing touches left, but the owners are excited about the future.“It's different, I'll tell you what it's very, very different but it's beautiful. We're pumped up, me and my business partner. It's been a long road, a lot of hard work, but it's paying off,” said Shawn Mihellis, Theo Yianni’s co-owner.The owners say that the new space will be open after the new year.